Professional Liability

Why Allied Healthcare Requires Professional Liability

The allied healthcare sector includes professionals such as social workers, technicians, educators, assistants and more. While the positions and facilities vary, one thing remains true for all professionals. Everyone in the allied healthcare sector needs allied health insurance.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance protects you in the case of bad advice or if a client alleges negligence. Sometimes, allied health professionals do not receive full medical records. If you still provide a health service, but the patient claims a financial loss caused by an error or failure, then you could face a lawsuit.

Professional liability covers legal fees and damages that may be awarded to a client in the case of a lawsuit. In some cases, professional liability can cover the cost of your defense. This is generally if the lawsuit is frivolous or groundless.

Allied Health Claims

In the allied healthcare sector, there are several claims that a client might file against you or your facility. These claims include violation of good faith, inaccurate advice, misrepresentation and negligence. Even false claims require a defense.

Lawsuits are common in the medical field. Those who work in allied health require specialized insurance options. Given the high cost of lawsuits, insurance coverage makes sense. Without insurance, a lawsuit can devastate a healthcare facility or professional.