Heavy Equipment Insurance

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Heavy Equipment Insurance Coverage

Construction work comes with a certain amount of risk.  This is especially true when it comes to dealing with heavy equipment.  Things can easily go wrong and have catastrophic consequences.  Luckily, you can purchase

to help protect yourself and your company if something goes wrong.

What is Heavy Equipment Insurance?

Heavy equipment insurance helps provide an extra layer of protection in case something goes wrong.  It can be purchased for loaders, cranes, and any other heavy equipment that is commonly used during construction and other similar tasks.

What is Covered by Heavy Equipment Insurance?

Heavy equipment insurance covers a wide variety of things.  First, your equipment will be protected if poor weather damages it.  High winds, flooding, and lightning can all potentially cause damage to your heavy equipment.  Having the correct insurance can help reimburse the cost of any damage caused to your equipment by poor weather.  Another threat to your equipment that is covered is theft/vandalism.  Construction companies lose roughly a billion dollars annually due to theft and vandalism.  Your equipment is also covered if it gets damaged during transit or by a less experienced machine operator.

If your construction company utilizes heavy equipment to get the job done, there is always the risk of damage occurring to your equipment.  Having the right heavy equipment insurance can make all the difference.