Machine Dealer Insurance

Worker Related Injuries and Machine Dealer Insurance

Business product suppliers have employees that are often tasked with having to move heavy equipment up and down stairs, in and out of trucks, and might even have to maneuver around sharp corners and into hard-to-reach spaces. Doing this type of work on a regular basis can certainly take a toll on someone, and particularly in the lower back region.

A worker who becomes injured, or experiences constant pain from constantly lifting heavy machinery needs to know that their employer has Machine Dealer Insurance that provides for workers injured while on the job. Workers comp is an essential part of any employer’s business insurance plan.


Implementing work stretching programs

Employees who routinely do stretching exercises have considerably less injuries related to the back and neck. Many employers have made this a requirement as a response to work-related injuries. Those managers involved in risk management and safety often see the use of stretching programs as a good, quick and easy solution to lessen the likelihood of on-the-job injury concerns.

Some employees may be more prone to injury, or lack certain physical capabilities (flexibility, strength or balance) to do the job required of them without injuring themselves. But reducing work-related injuries isn’t the only reason for initiating a stretching program. There are companies out there that have implemented stretching programs solely to improve employee wellness and engagement, but the benefits generally remain the same.

Certain jobs, unfortunately, require workers to take awkward postures and do repetitive work. The best solution, when applicable, is through engineering and ergonomic solutions for how the job is done. For example, with moving equipment from a warehouse to an office, is there a way to minimize or eliminate some of the stress associated with carrying heavy equipment?  A dolly may be useful in certain situations, or a system of pulleys that reduces some of the manual labor.

Any possible engineering solutions that are technologically and financially feasible and that will target and eliminate and/or minimize the source of these problems should certainly be considered. These however are long-term solutions that do not rely upon the worker. You must also consider administrative solutions, such as job rotation that limits exposure to high-risk activities. The bottom line is, you must have Machine Dealer Insurance to aid workers when, and if, they do become injured while on the clock.