what is workers compensation insurance

What is Workers Compensation Insurance in Today’s Market?

Most brokers work with their share of employers who have concerns about the safety and well being of their workforce. Every day these individuals are constantly being tested by the strenuous nature of the work they’ve signed on to do. Unfortunately, lifting patients in and out of beds, dealing with heavy equipment, even being cut by a knife or poked with a needle accidentally, are all incidents that could lead to a workers comp claim.

Workers may fall prey to work related injuries each day that they clock in to perform services. Injuries come with the territory, mostly due to the type of stress that their bodies must endure in performing these daily activities. Whether they suffer a back injury or are the victim of a slip, trip or fall due to wet floors, these risks could result in what may become a long-term injury. What is workers compensation insurance? It’s the solution to the problem of an on-the-job-injury.


Workplace injuries must be properly dealt with

If an employee sustains an injury that is work-related, or even an illness while at work, their employer must provide them with workers comp coverage and allow them to file a claim as soon as possible. Once filed, this will provide for any medical expenses or, in the event they’re unable to go to work, wage-loss compensation benefits until they’re deemed fit enough to return.

Additionally, death benefits for work-related deaths will be paid to their dependent survivors should they suffer a life ending injury. Employees may also experience illness due to contact with chemicals, or solvents stored on the premises, and workers who become infected will also be covered under workers comp, a situation which, unfortunately, adversely affects the ability of the facility to function properly, which is why safety measures should always be in place.

Instruct your clients to institute a risk management plan, as these facilities need to implement some form of illness and injury prevention program to address issues of this nature. Employees should never report to work when ill, or be sent home if feeling ill in any way. This helps to avoid getting others sick, including elderly residents who may be more susceptible to germs. When asked, “what is workers compensation insurance?” simply tell your client that it is the best solution when employees become ill or get injured while on the job.